Family reunion

With Sarah and Joe departed we had a day of cleaning and laundry in preparation for Jeremy, Angie and Hannah joining us.

Being anchored they didn’t have the luxury of walking on board in a marina but only having overnight bags that wasn’t an issue and was quite an adventure in what turned out to be slightly choppy seas; in a small rubber boat even a small wave will get you wet!

They joined us on Tuesday afternoon and we set off for a sail in Pollenca Bay.   Hannah wasn’t feeling so great and so was encouraged to sit up at the helm station; lots of fresh air and a good view of the horizon.  Well she wasn’t going to sit there doing nothing so as we tacked I had her working the Jib as Jeremy furled the Code Zero; all Hannah neededto do was press the winch button; Jeremy on the other hand had go forward to fight the Code Zero into submission …. he he he.   Once the big sail was away Hannah turned the boat through the wind and did and excellent job for a complete novice.

We were  heading for a couple of small Calas close to Cap Formantor; Cala de Engossaubas and Cala Murta.   Although we got into Engossaubas and actually anchored it was too small to spend any time there as there was not enough room to swing on the anchor and Cala Murta was full with two yachts, so unfortunately we had to return to Pollenca.   Instead of returning to where we had been, we anchored on the west side of Cap L’Avancada, right below Sa Fortaleza which was one of the sets used for the Night Manager.  We spent the night there, swimming, having a BBQ and playing cards.

We then spent in the following morning swimming and relaxing and I gave Hannah a chance to drive the tender around.  We even had a ring side seat for the arrival and departure of a sea plane from the military base nearby!    After lunch we moved back to Pollenca and I ran them all ashore to a small jetty a stone’s throw from their apartment, we had to wait for the wind to die down a bit first though.

And that was the end of their very brief visit!   Dinner ashore completed the reunion and hopefully their two days with us will encourage them to return for a proper visit soon.