Frejus to Cannes

Still in no rush I decided to take two days to cover the 20 odd miles between Frejus and Cannes, 10 miles each day with an over night stop in the Rade d’Agay.

The weather was ideal for sailing on both days, lots of up wind work from Frejus to Agay and a following wind from Agay to Cannes – 20 knots of wind is great for running down wind but make mooring in a crowded marina fraught!

Pte de l'Esquine de L'ay
Pte de l’Esquine de L’ay
Ile d'Or
Ile d’Or

The coast here is all red rock, very Martian, apart from all the water and the breathable atmosphere!   We passed the Ile d’Or approaching Agay, it is so called because apparently in certain light conditions the red rocks look golden.

Sunset in Rade d'Agay
Sunset in Rade d’Agay

Rade d’Agay has a very small fishing harbour in it but buoys have been laid in three areas of the bay and we decided to hook up to one of these for the night; unfortunately the southerly winds from earlier had set up a decent swell which was quite uncomfortable over night when the wind moved round and held us ‘beam on’ across it.  Still we only had 10 miles to do the following day so we could sleep in!

Le Cap Roux, south west of Cannes
Le Cap Roux, south west of Cannes

By the following morning the swell had almost died away and we had a relatively restful morning.  We left the buoy just before 1, and actually sailed off the buoy without needing the engines, although they were on, jut in case.  As we left Agay and there was stiffening breeze behind us, reaching 20 knots as we got towards Cannes and we made the trip in just over 2 hours, making 6 knots at times.