The end to another season.

Arriving a few days behind schedule in Roccella, in the worst weather we have encountered so far we had 10 days to get ourselves and the boat ready for our return to the UK.

Storms? What storms?

With the boat it is a case of making sure the moorings are up to the task, taking down the jib sail, removing loose equipment, closing sea cocks and making sure water can drain out of the tender.   Just as well as we have rain forecast for most of the time we’re here!

Ah, there we go!!

I went to make some software updates to the Chart Plotter and found that we no longer have a Pilot Computer, this links all the instrument data to the Chart Plotter.     Why it decided to stop working the day after we arrived in Roccella I have no idea, but am glad it didn’t pack up before we arrived.  I have sent an email enquiry to BandG, but we will be leaving before they get back to us and so that is going to be my first challenge in the New Year.

We have been here for 2 weekends and have slotted right back into the Sunday BBQ routine.  There are plenty of people from last year and one or two new boats joining the Roccella Live-aboards.   We have made friends with a couple of them over dinner and drinks and one lady, Gilly from Riverdancer made us a fabulous little gift.  She paints stones as a hobby and made this one specially for us.

Sadly, our friends from last year will be arriving just after we leave so we’ll not see Chris and Sue or Charlie and Suzy until next year when we’re back.

So with the boat secure on our new mooring, well protected by a substantial wall, and our bags packed we are ready to leave.    The taxi is booked for 6 am on Tuesday.