Roccella to Santos

With our sailing season at an end and the boat all closed down for the winter it was time for us to head to Brazil, via the UK.   We left Italy on 16th October and only had 2 weeks before flying to São Paulo on 31st.

Tom and Monica’s, Torcy

Ivan and Lu put us up while we were there, but we also took a weekend to visit Tom and Monica in France, visit friends and relatives and do some Christmas shopping before heading off for Brazil.

The flight from Heathrow to São Paulo’a Garulhos Airport it is 12 hours, but going down hill all the way we made it in 11 and a half. There is only a 2 hour time difference so jet lag wasn’t an issue, just a lack of sleep. But as soon as we landed we got a cab to Alto de Pinheiros, an area to the west of São Paulo city, to our friends Eduardo and Priscila, where we spent our first week.

Pri took us out and about a couple of times and one place we visited was the city of Itu, about 90 km north west of São Paulo. There is a great German restaurant in town and Itu’s great claim to fame is it has some oversized items of street furniture and a couple of shops selling giant sized souvenirs.

Back home in  Itu, 

This all originated with a local comedian called Simplicio whose punch line was, in Portuguese, “back home in Itu everything is bigger!”   Life now imitating art results in a 4 metre high phone booth, massive traffic lights and souvenir shops selling souvenirs that are too big to put in your suit case!

where everything is bigger
Lunch at Bar do Alemão, Itu

Then after a very enjoyable and relaxing week Pri took us down to Santos to Dona Ermida’s. It was very much like coming home as over the last couple of years we have spent more time here than in any other single place, other than the boat

Edu, Pri, Va and me