Long Weekend in Florianopolis

Boats at Sambaqui
Sambaqui sundown
Joe, Sara and her mum. Wonderful hosts

We spent January in Santos before heading off south to Florianopolis to visit Sara and Joe for a long weekend.

It has been unusually hot in Santos recently, high 30s most days, with the odd low 40 thrown in for variety, with little wind; even the Brazilian press has been calling it a ‘heat wave’! Rio has recorded some of its all time high temperatures so heading south seemed like a good plan.

But it didn’t quite work out as planned, high thirties when we landed and it didn’t change much, even after some rain!

Basically, it was too hot to do much and these Englishmen (Joe and I) left the midday sun to the mad dogs. The last weekend in January includes a bank holiday the beaches were packed and shade at a premium.; luckily Sara and Joe have a pool!!!!

Once the sun went down and the temperature dropped a degree or so, Sara, an Aerial Yoga Instructor somehow managed to convince Valeria and I one of her Yoga classes would be a good idea. It was a laugh and mercifully there are no photos of me doing the upside down frog dangling from the slings integral to Aerial Yoga! It was definitely educational!!

All round a fun weekend and lots of thanks to more wonderfully hospitable friends. But now we are off back to Santos to repack our bags for our trip to the North East; Aracaju, Maceio and Recife.