First visitors of 2019

When we left Brazil on 15 March, Dona Ermida came with us and after our fortnight stop over in the UK came with us back to Roccella for a 10 day stay on board, which over-lapped with Zilda, Elliot and Sophie’s now annual visit.

With rather changeable weather, a huge beach and two scooters we didn’t need to venture far to keep the kids entertained; and I even got some help with my maintenance.

And of course there was a spot of socialising, the Sunday BBQ, and our friend Sue’s 60th birthday party. We couldn’t find 60 candles so she had to settle for 60 bottles of Prosecco!

Sue’s 60th birthday. Her present from the people here was 60 bottles of Prosecco!

But then it was time for our guests to go home, and Valeria went too to make sure Dona Ermida got her flight back to Brasil. It was a great to have a full boat and a great start to our season but then I was left on my own. Although it was rather quiet I did have space and time to start on my chores.