A week on my own

With Valeria back in the UK I had a very quiet week, sitting at anchor in Murter. I took the boat out for a sail, went off exploring in the tender and met another British couple.

My day out sailing was good because unlike most of our days I wasn’t going anywhere so it didn’t matter where the wind was coming from. Having said that it remained steady from the west at 10 to 12 knots the whole of the afternoon and although most of the time I was making 2 knots I managed to crack 4 knots up wind at one point! Plenty of practice at tacking and gybing and I even got the Code Zero out, hence the 4 knots.

Across the northern end of the bay here there are three small islands, Veli Vinik, Mali Vinik and Tegina, so I hopped into the tender with my snorkel, find and GoPro and went exploring. The islands have a couple of small jetties all marked as Private, so I just anchored off the south coast of Veli Vinik and spent a few hours snorkeling.

One of the websites I use is called www.noforeignland.com. This gives pilotage information and other local hints and tips, but also shows your position to other users of the site. So on Monday afternoon a tender turns up at the back of the boat with an English couple who’d found me on Noforeignland and came to say hi. I went to visit them later that evening and we were joined by another British couple. We had a very pleasant evening although apparently it was about 3 in the morning when we left! The first socialising since leaving Italy and Valeria missed it! But Ian and Sarah in LINEA are going to be visiting Montenegro in September before heading over to Rome for the winter. We may bump into them again.

And now I just have 1 more day until the Captain returns …… 😊