A Cat on a Cat

Finally back home after almost 5 months away travelling and it is a fantastic feeling.  They say ‘East, east, home is best’ and that applies even when your home moves east, west, north and south as well as up and down and side to side!

I had promised Valeria a week of ‘Nada bem feito’ which translates to ‘Do nothing, done well’ but that sort of became lazy mornings with coffee in bed.   There was a lot of unpacking, tidying and cleaning up and we also had to completely restock the boat with food, and then  freeze a number of meals while it is easy to do so, and prepared meals take up less space than individual ingredients.

There has also been some routine maintenance and testing stuff ahead of setting off.   That annoying squeak from the spinnaker halyard block required Valeria to haul me 18 metres up the mast to lubricate it ….. Block lubricated but Valeria has now discovered that in addition to the Naughty Step and Naughty Hull we now have the Naughty Mast Head  ……. for when the other two just won’t do !

But at least the view is good!

The generator works, so we can keep all the meals frozen.  The radar, chart plotter and anchor  work, so we can find interesting places to eat them, and the water maker works so we can make the water to wash the dishes.   As you can see we are very food orientated!

And then of course there is the socialising ……. There are three British boats here at the moment, Red Rooster – Derek and Claire, Scarlet – Jayne and Graeme and Solent Salamander – Michael and Joyce.    Add into the mix Marc and Rosita, a Dutch couple who live here and it has been almost one endless social whorl.

As we prepare to leave Derek and Claire are off to the BVIs to help sail a friend’s yacht, Supertramp, to the US via BermudaMichael and Joyce have left for the UK and so it was just us, Graeme, Jayne and their cat Isabella for a farewell dinner on Wednesday.   Ourselves, Scarlet and Red Rooster are all headed in vaguely the same direction and so hope to bump into each other again.

“I’m really not a cat person!”

So now we have paid the marina fees and planned our passage round to Alghero via Bonifacio and have our fingers crossed that the weather will hold and we’ll have an easy start to our year.

Best news of all though is that will Charlie and Ana will be coming out to see us for Easter in Alghero!


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  1. Sad to see you go this morning. We have enjoyed your company and Issie missing you already. Have a safe sail and hope to see you in Greece. Take care Jayne Graeme and Issie (the ships cat) and Scarlett xxxx

    1. Likewise Jayne. Good to meet you and look forward to seeing you all again; will be watching for your AIS! Thanks for the suggestion to visit Bonifacio. Great place, fantastic scenery. Will blog about it when we get decent WiFi.Take care. Valeria says Hi. X

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