A Return to Lefkas

With Marisa safely home Valeria and I set off to Lefkas again. Not through choice though. Yet again we have problems with one of our toilets which will need a bit more than some Hydrochloric Acid. But more on that later.

We set off from Sami at about 9 on Saturday morning, 12th September, heading for Sivota. We haven’t been there for about 4 years and the availability of water and electricity would mean we would be able to do a lot of laundry and wash the boat down.

As we approached the south side of Lefkas we saw a small yacht ahead of us flying a rather distinctive Cruising Chute with a Tigger on it. This was Tim in his yacht Tigger, our neighbour from Argostoli and then Vathy. This time he was off to Nidry having visited Sivota after leaving Vathy.

Sivota was quite amazingly busy even now. It is a charter base with lots of unused boats and a popular stop over for cruisers; in a proper non Covid season it would be manic! Since our last visit the Town Quay has sprouted pontoons to accommodate even more yachts. This has done away with the last vestiges of ‘quaintness’ in pursuit of revenue.

That said it is still pleasant although expensive at 35 euros a night with water and electricity. Staying just one night we made full use of the both. Three loads of washing and use of the tumble drier and a wash down for a rather grubby deck. The washing and drying alone would have cost us over 7 hours of generator usage and 4 or 5 hours running the water maker!

Not feeling so miffed about the price we set off set off late on Sunday morning heading for Vliho Bay. It was only 2 hours away and we arrived by 1.30. Tranquil Bay opposite Nydri was so full of yachts the over spill were anchored right across the main channel into Vliho. Once through them Vliho was almost empty; you could anchor hundreds of boats here without a problem. On the charts it looks to be very sheltered but looks can be deceptive, but more of that later as well.

In normal weather Vliho can be a lovely calm oasis and an ideal place to sit and do nothing. Regrettably on Monday morning we were off to Lefkas and after a couple of weeks of very reasonable mooring fees on assorted Town Quays we were due for a ‘Reality Check’. From €10 or so per day in Argostoli and less in Sami we were bracing ourselves to stump up €110 per night in Lefkas Marina, in addition to the repair costs for the toilet. Ouch!

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