Valeria and Dayse in Blumenau


From Floripa we were headed to Curitiba which is another, almost 9 hour bus journey so we decided to stop over night in Blumenau. That way we could visit Udo and Jane again and meet up with Dayse, down from Cornelio Procopio to visit her parents – who lived a 10 minute walk from Udo and Jane! Small world.

In January 2017 we came to visit Blumenau for the first time and stayed at the Pousada by Rieger. The owners, Udo and Jane, are a lovely friendly couple and made our stay very enjoyable. Since then we have been intending to go back and say hello, but never quite made it. So this time we planned the overnight stay, which happily coincided with Dayse’s visit.

Having settled in to our room we went to the nearby Villa Germanica and met up with Dayse before walking to her parents house, which is just a short walk from Udo and Jayne.

That evening we went out for dinner and a catch up.

The following morning we had breakfast with Udo and Jane before Udo kindly drove us to the bus station in time for our bus. Although only a short visit it was great to catch up with friends and remind ourselves how nice Blumenau is.

But it was time to move on again, for Curitiba!

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