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These blogs are all related to our taking delivery of Windependent and the on going maintenance, passage planning and training.

Springtime in Corfu

Not much to record really. The Coronavirus Lockdown in Greece started the day after we arrived and remaining in self isolation on the boat was simple. With only about 10 other boats with people on board it is easy to keep a good social distance, our nearest neighbours are about 500m away as the fish swims. We are on one of the outer pontoons and seldom see anyone.

After our 2 weeks were over we ventured up to the Marina restaurants to use their free wifi and on 3 or 4 occasions we got challenged by the local police; well Valeria did. They took one look at me and obviously thought ‘German’ and ‘must be from a boat’ and drove by but stopped Valeria and, in Greek, demanded to know why she was outside!! Everytime! Really annoyed Valeria who is mistaken for a local everywhere we go, except perhaps Germany ??

There are also loads of cats wandering around the place. One of the shops leave the shutters a little open and food for them and as you may know I simply ‘love’ cats ……

The high lights of the month have been the arrival of our new tender and cleaning out one of the blackwater tanks. Our original tender is 5 years old and is basically on its last legs. (fins?). I promised myself a new one this year and had ordered it before the Coronovirus lockdowns started. With hindsight I could have left it for another season as we’re not likely to get more than about 3 months sailing this year. All I need now is to be able to order a new cover for when it is in the davits and get some more canvas to make ‘chaps’ for it!

The blackwater tank was a far less enjoyable task but essential. As previously it was a lime scale problem but details of the necessary maintainance has been censored by the Captain . Living the dream on my yacht Dharling!

A further minor triumph was the production of a face mask from scratch made of an old duvet cover, based on YouTube instructions from Good Housekeeping! My one was simple but Valeria needs one with elastic ear loops; this requires tailoring which is currently beyond me! I also need new cotton, all mine is really old and seems to fall apart in the machine! (That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!)

Unfortunately not being able to get to a Chandler to buy shiny things or order canvas or get any wood ,I have been unable to do any of the other jobs I might have been able to do with a month or so of free time on my hands. However; I have dug a bit further into my family tree and got back to the mid 17th century though!

As April draws to a close there are rumours the lockdown here may start to lift soon. The island of Corfu has only had one or two cases of the virus, whisked away to the mainland, and so life here has been very quiet and laid back with none of the ‘toilet roll’ panic we have been reading about in the papers. The shops are well stocked, but the imported Spanish and Italian Wine is getting a bit scarce, and although Social Distancing is now in full swing it doesn’t have that much effect when there are so few people here anyway!

So it looks as though we’ll be here for all of May and might perhaps get a whiff of freedom in June. Ah well ….