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Ofrenda de Flores (Offering of Flowers)

Each year the various communities select their own ‘Fallera Mayor’, Queen of the Fire, and a Court of Ladies in Waiting.   Each year one Fallera is then selected to be the Fallera Mayor for the whole of Valencia; apparently a fiercely fought competition and expensive, the dresses alone cost many thousands of euros.  The Fallera Mayor de Valencia then presides over numerous event during the year as the face of the Fires.

DSC_0429Part of the Fires celebration involves making flower offerings to the Virgen de los Desamparados; the Virgin of the Dispossessed.  Each community joins a massive parade through the streets of Valencia ending in the Placa de la Virgen. Each of the women and girls in the parades bring a small bunch of red or white carnations which are used to decorate an enormous wooden framework statue of the Virgin constructed in the Placa de la Virgen.   DSC_0434All participants in the parades wear traditional dress and everyone is involved from the youngest to the oldest, it is quite a spectacle.  

These parades occur on the last two afternoons of the festival and involve 10s of thousands of people.












Dressing the statue
Dressing the statue
Statue of the Virgin, Placa de la Virgen