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Lazure Marina to Kotor

After 14 hours on a bus on Saturday we decided to ‘stay home’ on Sunday. I took the opportunity to drag the tender up onto the fore deck and try to repair a leak in the air deck and re-fix the row-locks, again.

The dinghy is entirely inflatable, including the deck and that had started leaking air. It turned out to be a seam which had decide to open, right on a corner, making a repair 3 dimensional, rather than a nice easy hole on a flat 2D section. I’d bought myself some 2-part adhesive this time, rather than the useless “Top Stick” one part emergency glue. That wouldn’t even stick two patches together! The hardest part of the job was cleaning the Top Stick off.

Happily, the Hercules 2 part mixed up well, went on easily and actually stuck!!! The air deck holds pressure and the row-locks haven’t fallen off yet.

Checking the weather for next week we found rain and thunder storms predicted on and off until next weekend, the 28th. We need a 36 hour window to get from here to Corfu and it looks like leaving here on Saturday afternoon will get us into Gouvia on Monday morning, ahead of the next unfavourable southerly winds starting on Tuesday.

We stayed in the marina one extra day on Monday as it was a rather wet and miserable day. This wasn’t really a chore as it is a pleasant place and was offering places at an introductory rate of €50 per night. Unfortunately, staying in Montenegro until Saturday meant a walk round to the Harbour Master between rain showers to pay another week of visitor tax. €83, thank you.

Tuesday morning was much nicer and we left Lazure to motor around to Kotor. Originally we’d had the idea of following the coast line around and perhaps anchoring off Risan for a night but after our bus tour we decided we’d much prefer to see more of Kotor. We did motor around the Chuch of Our Lady of the Rocks at Perast though.

The trip to Kotor was about 15 miles and the scenery was quite stunning, especially in bright sunshine with mirror smooth seas.

Arriving at Kotor we found two cruise ships in town. Happily they left by nightfall so when we went ashore in the tender it was not too manic. There is a Marina at Kotor but we opted to anchor in the bay, the weather, although damp, was predicted to be settled and the holding is reputedly good.

We now plan to stay at Kotor until Saturday when we are booked in to take on duty free diesel before heading out of Kotor for Corfu.