Greece Photo Album

We’ve spent a fair amount of time in Greece and I am slowly adding photos to this album. It is very much a work in progress!

Above is a Tag Cloud, pick a name. Below are the various Galleries in the Greece Album.

Symi. Our port of entry back into Greece from Bozburun in Turkey.

Nisyros is a tiny island with an active volcano just south of the island of Kos. We spent almost a month there for various reasons and it is our favourite island so far. (2018)

Methoni was an important fortified harbour on the trade routes to the east. The remains of the Turkish and Venetian fortifications dominate the town and bay.

Olympia, Temple to the Gods. (2018)

Lakka is a small, picturesque and usually manically crowded bay on the north east corner of the Ionian island of Paxos

Antipaxos is the small island a mile or so south of Paxos with a number of small and picturesque anchorages.

Gaios is the mian town on the Ionian island of Paxos

Parga is a smll attractive town on the Ionian Coast of nainland Greece overlooked by a large Venetian fortress.

Two Rock Bay, which has many more than 2 rocks, is a pretty and isolated bay about 2 miles south of the village of Fanari on the Ionian coast of mainland Greece.

Vonitsa is a smaill port in the Gulf of Amvrakikos beneath the ruins of a Venetian fortress (2020)

Nicopolis was the city built by Octavian to celebrate his victory in 31BC over the allied fleets of Anthony and Cleopatra

Fiskardo is a village on the northeast tip of Cephalonia, Asos is a small village on the west coast and Foki a beautiful bay just south of Fiskardo.

Small fortified harbour of Navpaktos, also known as Lepanto, just inside the Gulf of Corinth

Tiny island on north coast of the Gulf of Corinth between Navpaktos and Galaxidi

Sailing south ….

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