Good choice ….

With our watermaker problems solved we decided to extend our stay in Murter due to a less than favourable weather forecast for the coming weekend. The bay in which Murter is situated provides good holding for our anchor and offers pretty much all round protection.

On Friday evening we took the tender ashore in search of a nice meal. We had a bit of trouble finding somewhere to ‘park’the tender as almost every spare bit of jetty or wall was taken up with a private mooring or a power boat! But we found a small shallow space by some steps without any sharp bits and we for a walk.

Murter town was busy but a little ‘uninspiring’, although we are a bit spoilt in that department. The restaurant Valeria found was just outside an industrial unit with the tables in what looked like the access road. Although the setting and ambiance left a bit to be desired the food was really very good.

Saturday was the ‘calm before the storm’ with weather deteriorating overnight into Sunday morning with rain and 30 knot winds by daybreak.

But then it started to rain properly and the wind built to match, giving us the whole morning of torrential rain, winds getting to 50 knots as well as thunder and lightening.

Visibly was down to perhaps 50 metres, less from inside, which made keeping an eye on boats up wind of us tricky. I was sure we were going no where but couldn’t be sure others who had anchored upwind of us wouldn’t start to drag down onto us, which what happened. One boat did drag his anchor perhaps 200 metres between us and two others but happily managed to miss us all and his anchor finally dug in well down wind of us!

So, although we have spend an extra weekend here doing very little it was a very good decision, Murter was the best place we could have been for both the watermaker and the weather!

And while waiting here we’ve been planning out or next steps in our passage north. In the calmer, nicer weather next week we’ll head for Zadar then along the islands towards Pula. We’ll aim to be there in a couple of weeks before turning back south for Dubrovnik.

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