Kotor by night

Kotor in photos

Arriving in Kotor on Tuesday afternoon, September 24th, we went into town in the tender and discovered two things. Firstly Kotor is really picturesque at night and secondly the air deck in the dinghy still leaks.

Kotor street by night

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Kotor by night

Our first impressions of Kotor were really good. The town is very picturesque and has a fantastic ambiance, especially at night.

Doesn't look too bad ....

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On Thursday we went back into town and I climbed up to the Castle of San Giovanni, 280m above Kotor at the top of a steep series of switch-back paths with, allegedly, 1300 steps alongside. The church on the way is closed and the castle is a complete ruin but the views are excellent.

As there isn’t much to say about these photos I’ve tried presenting them as galleries with a new plug in I’ve found.

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  1. Hi Chris, gutted to see your latest news but glad you are OK. Never realised it was such an issue but with you being got twice, and the Pink Penguin as well I now know it’s a big deal. I see from FB that it was worst than last time. Keep us updated with the news. All the best Paul and Chanon

    1. Hi Paul. Lightening never strikes twice ….. Really? Could have been worse, at least we were anchored close to a marina, I knew the way in without the need for the navigation aids and both engines and the anchor still worked. Now we just wait for the repairs, mercifully covered by the insurance again!

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