Leaving Murter

With normal weather returning, in other words calm mornings and afternoon breezes from the north, we set off from Murter on Monday, 29th July bound for Zadar. The first challenge in leaving was breaking the anchor out of the sea bed after being embedded by storm force winds!

Plan A was to anchor overnight at Sukosan, 5 miles south of Zadar and arrive at Zadar early on Tuesday. The Marina was obscenely expensive and so we were aiming for some mooring buoys outside the harbour. We’d look around Zadar then move north to Vir on Wednesday.

We got to Sukosan and anchored on Monday and moved up to Zadar on Tuesday morning only to find the mooring buoys are all taken by local boats. The spots shallow enough to anchor in were too close ashore or too close to the other yacht which had anchored there. Plan B. We’ll head for Vir and do Zadar on the way back south, anchoring is Sukosan and getting the bus! And on our way to Vir we figured we’d make some water …….

The watermaker worked but didn’t make drinking water but the starboard bulge pump kept running. Optimistically I figured a hose connection was leaking and I could tighten it up when we got to Vir. But nothing is that simple. When I got a look at the watermaker I found a seal in the body of the ETD had popped out and was spraying water, happily away from the electrical wiring around the engine but not something I can fix.

But we know a man who can …. in Murter. So on our way back there we can stop off in Sukosan and visit Zadar on the way back south, and as the winds will be behind us I can actually get the sails out !!!!!!

Let’s see how that works out shall we ?!!!

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