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Marisa visits

Marisa came back for another visit and again we were unable to actually go anywhere. Last year I had tried amputating my finger with a hatch and decided it was unwise to try sailing with only one good hand. This year it was lightening holding us back.

She arrived on the evening of the 19th and we picked her up at the airport. We spent her week seeing a bit of Corfu as well as spending a few hours soaking up the sun. Unfortunately Valeria had a nasty tooth ache and swollen face and so left Marisa and I to our own devices much of the time

We took a drive up to Cassiopi, a small harbour on the north east coast of the island and stopped off at Kalami Beach, home to the home of the Durrel family ‘White House’.

The Vlacherna Monastery is located at the end of the airport runway and is a quaint spot. It is also currently home to a litter of unbearably cute kittens.

The Canal d’Amour sound more inviting than it is. Located near Sidari on the north west corner of Corfu the sandstone rocks have weathered into a series of narrow inlets making a picturesque location surrounded by bars and restaurants. It was also the only sandy beach we’ve found and is certainly a total tourist trap in the summer. Without hordes of tourists it was quite pleasant.

The week flew by and all too soon it was time for Marisa to return home. We have our fingers crossed that next year she’ll be able to enjoy a fully operational boat, with a fully operational crew and can actually go sailing. Driving around the islands is OK, but sailing around them adds a completely different perspective.

Fingers crossed!!

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