Marooned in Murter

Valeria returned after a far from ideal journey and, you guessed it, the long awaited watermaker valve is still in transit.

To cut a long story short I moved the boat into the Marina on Tuesday, 13 August, ahead of some bad weather so Valeria wouldn’t have to have a wet trip in the tender when she returned late on Wednesday night. I was also hoping the watermaker spare part would have arrived and could have been fitted before she returned.

So there was no spare part on Wednesday and Valeria had the journey from hell. It started with a tyre blow out on the M25, a bit without a hard shoulder, in the rain. Mercifully she survived that and by comparison things went up hill from there. Having survived the breakdown she missed her flight from Luton, requiring a night in a hotel and a trip to Stanstead to get another one on Thursday. Once back in Croatia her bus from Split was late, making her miss her connection at Sibenik. All in all a very traumatic, and not inexpensive, trip back for her.

It also turned out to be another Bank Holiday on Thursday so the long awaited spare part is not expected until ‘next week’ as there was a delivery delay getting it to Croatia.

Two bits of good news though. I managed to get our Battery Monitor repaired, it needed a software update and I found that the Marina has been only charging us mono hull rates saving us about £30 per day! They demand we surrender our Registration Certificate on arrival, just never actually bothered to read it!

So we have another weekend swinging on the anchor looking forward to our watermaker repairs.

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