Meanwhile, in Gouvia

Being suddenly ‘stranded’ in Gouvia for the winter meant I had to arrange the winter maintenance at rather short notice. Shopping around really wasn’t an option. So while we’re away I had to leave the boat with a local company for them to undertake the hull cleaning, liferaft, engine and sail drive services.

To show how the work was progressing I was sent a few before, during and after photos.

Lift out, jet wash and polishing.

That was in mid January when the boat went back into the water, all clean, anti fouled and polished.

Having got back from Brazil on the 4th of March I have about 10 days before I fly back out to Gouvia to get the boat ready to depart. Valeria follows me at the beginning of April when we’ll have a couple of days for final shopping before we set off foe the 2020 season.

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