So with our revised courses set for the Corinth Canal we left Vathi at just after 7 in the morning on the 17th.    Our first stop was to be in the harbour of Mesolongion on the north side of the Gulf of Patras about 40 miles, or 8 hours, from Ithaca.

… i know, but I like it ….

We left Vathi in rather damp and overcast weather and it never really brightened up.   The ‘highlight’ of an otherwise uneventful crossing was that I actually managed to fly the Chute again for just under an hour.   We arrived in Mesolongion at just before 3 pm.

Mesolongion is a rather isolated place on the edge of the mud banks and salt flats that fringe this coast.   Its claim to fame is that Lord Byron died here in 1824 whilst trying to assist the Greeks in their War of Independence from Turkey.   The harbour is a large ‘lagoon’ of sorts reached via a narrow channel about 1 mile long.   The town is about a kilometre inland from the harbour but is not a must see destination by any stretch of the imagination.  There is a statue to him in town but apparently little else.  The harbour itself is rather desolate with a commercial quay in one corner and a small but rather tired looking marina in the other.   However, it is a safe anchorage for the night a convenient ‘day passage’ from Ithaca, and surprisingly picturesque in the evening!

We plan to be off first thing in the morning for 35 mile trip into the Gulf of Corinth to the island of Trizonia off the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth.

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