La Rochelle

Yesterday was a long day.  Although we were alongside at 8.30  in the evening there was still the reporting in to the Harbour Master, tidying up the sails and ropes, trying to find, unsuccessfully,  a power point that worked on the pontoon, getting a shower and cooking dinner before we could sit down and relax!

And so this morning Valeria was less than amused with my plans for some more sailing today, apparently I was like an excited puppy dog. Instead, after moving the boat closer to a power point that worked we set off for a day in La Rochelle. The water taxi left from the far end of the Marina and dropped us off right in the Old Town.Vi eux Port entranceWe wandered around the ‘Chain District’, named after the Chain Tower on the left in the photo. The Chain Tower was where the Harbour Master would raise the chain to prevent the damned English getting in, or the damned Catholics. They managed that after a seize in 1627/28 which was the cause of the Protestant Hugenots seeking religious freedom in the New World.

La Rochelle also has one of the oldest, and most ornate lighthouses anywhere and was the centre of French trade with the New World, Canada in this case.



Our wander round took us to the cathedral of St-Louis and then back to the Cours de Dames on the quayside for Moules Rockfort and a couple of beers for late lunch before returning in the Water Taxi, passing Windependent on the Visitor mooring. The bus driver could have dropped us off!  I was taking her photo but Valeria overheard a couple of complimentary comments about the choice of name – all Valeria’s idea of course!

Windependent in PT de Minimes

And so a relaxing end to a relaxing day, but tomorrow we’re sailing, please ?

Sailing south ….

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