PArabéns pra Voçe

Our main reason for returning to Rogač was to spend Valeria’s birthday weekend on the town quay and to visit the very nice restaurant we found when we were here with Solange.

There isn’t a whole lot to see or do in Rogač but there are a couple of stoney beaches close by so we walked round to the one overlooked by the Pasarela Restaurant, our evening destination. It was pleasant to cool off in the water but that was about it!

The meal however was absolutely excellent, a table for two overlooking the water. The only thing missing was the BBQ and all our friends!

We reflected on our travels and figured that Valeria’s Birthdays give a snap shot of our wanderings. 2016 in Majorca with Sara and Joe. 2017 in Crete with Lu and Marco, 2018 in Katacolon, near Olympia and now Rogač, near Split.

Time has just flown by and we’re wondering where we’ll be celebrating in 2020!.

2 thoughts on “PArabéns pra Voçe”

  1. Parabéns Valéria,
    muitas Felicidades e Saúde para dar e vender, além de muitos outros anos de Vida, Paz e Realizações na Graça do Bom Deus!!!
    Vai daqui o nosso Sincero e Forte Abraço,
    Jane e Udo Hermann Rieger

    1. Ola Jane e Udo, obrigada pela linda mensagem!
      Esperamos poder visita-los logo. Pensamos em ir para gramado e Canela no final do ano. Quem sabe nao “esticamos” ate Blumenau?
      Valeria & Chris

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