Paul and Chanon arrive

As soon as Shahida and Abdullah had left, Paul and Chanon arrived; trouble was they brought rain with them. I actually had to dig out water proof coats to go and collect them! I’d almost forgotten we had them!

This is Chanon’s second visit but Paul’s first and as soon as they were settled we set off for the island of Lopud again, but this time to Uvala Sunk, the bay on the southern end of the island. The winds were forecast to be from the north east and Lopud Town is not sheltered from them at all.

We arrived in the bay and had a difficult time getting the anchor to set properly, it took 3 attempts before it dug in because the sea bed was hard sand, rocks and tufts of weeds. Happily the winds were not that strong, I would not enjoy being here in a ‘proper blow!

But once anchored, despite the overcast skies we went for a swim and I gave the hulls another quick scrape; the fish loved it!

And so after some beer, wine and nibbles Paul and Chanon, who’d been up since 3am were asleep by 9.

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