Roger and Jo

Back in May we had been to Roger and Jo’s wedding in Malaga.   The plan had been to take the boat and our wedding present was to have been a day out.  But we didn’t manage to get there with the boat and on reflection a Monday morning sail after a weekend wedding reception wasn’t going to work; so we left them with an IOU.

Roger and Jo
Roger and Jo

20160905_115435_2-resizedThey managed to get a few days off to coincide with our stopover here and had three days with us rather than just the one.   We took them for a sail along the coast, anchored for lunch and spent the afternoon swimming, sipping Cava and sunbathing.   The wind was typically light and fluky but we had the sails up and were in no hurry so drifting with style was the order of the day.   We were going so slowly I even got the fishing rod out again and lo and behold we caught a fish!   No idea what it was, it has been suggested it was a Dorada and I think we need and ‘I Spy Book of Fish’.


At the Cerveceria Catalana
At the Cerveceria Catalana

We went out for a couple of meals in the evenings.   The first was a real disappointment but the second, to the Cerveceria Catalana was awesome.   We decided to walk back about 3 km each night to walk off our dinner.   After the first night we had to eat some snacks on our return, after the Cerveceria we managed to stagger back in the final stages of labour with our food babies!

20160907_130525-aRoger and Jo took themselves sightseeing on the Tuesday and on Wednesday Rog suggested taking a Segway tour; none of us had ever ridden one before so we decided to give it a go.   We took the beach front tour as a novice ride through town was a scary proposition.  By the half way point we had mastered the controls sufficiently to make a straight line and stay still long enough for the photo!   It was thoroughly good fun.

It was a real pleasure to see Roger again; we’ve known each other for years and it was lovely to meet Jo properly.   We’d only really met her at her wedding and she had one or two other things on her mind then!   I’m fairly sure they enjoyed their wedding present and will come back and see us again somewhere else.



4 thoughts on “Roger and Jo”

  1. What can I say about this trip.
    Chris is right we have known each other for a long time, and it has been his longterm aim to be in the position he is now. So thank you for allowing us a slice of your cruising with style. Its nice to see someone pop out the other end of your old job in style.

    Both Jo and I had an amazing time, and even if we did not get that much to eat at the michelin tapas bar, now I think about it, the looks on our faces as we shared one poached egg and a mini courgette were priceless. Don’t start me on the public school prawns!!

    The whole boat was amazing from Harry Potters Laundry to the 5 star bathrooms. A real voyage of discovery into modern yachting. Lots of buttons to press, not all of them with dire consequences, (beware the 3 flush toilet)

    Thank you to Admiral Melo-Thorne and CrewGuy.(Love that story)
    It was absolutely amazing.

    Looking forward to planning the next trip.
    Watch out for pirates

    Rog and Jo

  2. I had the experience of a lifetime. Thank you so much. you both made me feel so welcome from start to end, even though I spent the first day of my experience total ‘horizontal’ lol It was a time I will not forget for a long time.
    I have met 2 amazing people and I can not wait to see you both again…Happy sailing xxxxxxxxxx

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