Leaving Foki we headed for Sami at the south end of the big bay mid way down Cephalonia’s east coast. There we planned to wait out the bad weather forecast for the weekend and early part of next week.

We arrived in Sami on Saturday 4 July. The bad weather came through on Sunday and Monday, with Monday being the worst, thunder, lightening, strong winds. With the bad weather gone we stayed in Sami until Thursday, waiting for lighter afternoon westery winds along the south coast before we headed on to Argostoli.

We have been to Sami on a number of occasions as well, last time with Charlie and Ana in September 2018. It is a pleasant place but there is little here. It is the main ferry port for the island and also caters for some very large motor yachts and, of course, charter boats.

Although I said there is little here, to our surprise we found ourselves within easy walking distance of the Melissani Caves. We took a stroll along the coast to the Karavamilos Taverna we’d discovered with Charlie and Ana. Looking at Google maps as we sat enjoying our Saganaki we found ourselves just a kilometre from the caves ! Just for the exercise really we walked there too; the whole round trip was 8 km but we now know you can anchor off the coast by the taverna take the tender ashore and walk to the caves! Handy when we’re here with guests, eventually!

And ‘Yes’, the charterers are back, much to our amusement, watching the them trying to moor, with and without the required anchor. One boat even managed to end up broadside across the bows of a catamaran! All quite amusing until one large catamaran decided to try to moor next to us. The guy on the helm had no idea what he was doing and decided he could get away with using too little chain and simply rest alongside us. He was disabused of that idea and went out to try again, and again, and again.

The crew were 6 rather large, portly gentlemen and a big pink flamingo. I have never seen one of these kids water toys look embarrassed before but I have now. I am also sure the flamingo could have handled the boat better than the guy on the helm. It appears our Greece BC experience is slowly returning to Greece WC. Basically the same shit with just the depth varying.

But we couldn’t figure out what these guys would be doing with the poor flamingo; any one of them would have sunk it. It wasn’t until the following morning as we set off at dawn for Argostoli that it became clear. Look carefully ….

We set off from Sami just as the sun was rising on Thursday, 9 Jul, with an 8 hour trip ahead of us.

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