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Alghero to Cagliari – Day 4

Our night at Teulada was settled and pleasant. Once the cars had left the beach car park we alone, even the marina appeared devoid of people.

Morning Teulada!

Over night we had 10 knot winds from the north but they didn’t trouble us tucked away in the lee of Torre Budello.
We had a suitably relaxed Sunday morning, which, once the wind died away was quite warm. We set off at 1030 in almost calm conditions and didn’t even bother with the sail.

Once we set off along the coast the wind remained behind us and never actually got about 7 knots, not much use to us so we settled down to an uneventful Sunday drive to Cagliari.

Trying to look cool …..

Just until 1230 when we got pulled over by the Old Bill; well, Guardiã Finaza which we think is something like HM Customs. They turned around and came up behind us waving a fishing net wanting to see our papers; “Licence, insurance and registration please! Oh, and your VAT receipt.” All our papers are ready to go in my smart new Tarp dispatch bag and so were dropped straight into their net. Fifteen minutes later the bag came back and we were on our way again.  I can see why we were stopped, we were the only boat out there, but on a Sunday lunch time !!!

“They must be admiring my new Tarp Dispatch Bag”

The rest of the afternoon was a bit of an anticlimax! We arrived as planned and we all tied up in the Marina del Sole by 5.30.

On first impressions I am not sure what to make of the ‘Marina of the Sun’. The pontoons are a well used as you might expect, but as you get closer to the harbour wall they become down right shabby and rickety, and the Marina Office is a table in a tent. It is a substantial tent, with a bar in it, but still a tent!   But we have been quoted a very reasonable rate so we’re happy!

And you can’t grumble with sunsets like this!