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Return to Aracaju

With the heat wave still in full swing we headed off for ‘the North East’ with Dona Ermida on Sunday 3 February. Specifically we’ll be visiting Aracaju in Sergipe, Maceio in Alagoas and Recife in Pernambuco. But first we flew from São Paulo to Aracaju.

This was our third visit to Aracaju, capital of the State of Sergipe and home to our friend Anisia. On our last visit here we set off on a road trip into the interior of Bahia and Minas Gerais states but we were also accompanied by Anisia’s husband Chris; sadly Chris died recently after a long battle with cancer and is sorely missed.

Chrishink and Anisia, February 2017. Lençois, Chapada Diamantina.

Our stay in Aracaju was only three days visiting with Anisia before she drove us north to Maceío and we spent the first two on Aracaju’s beaches with a quick visit into Aracaju for a visit to the craft market in the city centre.

Our first visit was to the Parati Beach Club a short drive south along the coast. Very quiet and relaxing.

The following day we went north, across the Sergipe River to the beaches at Atalaia Nova.

And then on Wednesday, 6 February, we set off in the morning for Maceío about 250 km north along the coast, on the way picking up Anisia’s friend Zil for the trip up to visit Valeria’s cousins Josemary and Everaldo.