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Back to Argostoli

We set off from Galaxidi at 8 am on Monday, 10th August and arrived in Mesolongi at about 5pm. Once anchored, I found that Marisa had sent me a message saying she’s coming to visit us for a week in September in Cephalonia. I just had to keep my back straight and my fingers out of deck hatch hinges !

After our last visit to Mesolongi we simply anchored in the lagoon along with about 10 other boats leaving at first light. We were underway at 6.30. The crossing to Cephalonia was straightforward and we arrived back in Argostoli at about 5pm on Tuesday 11 August.

We had planned to have Keith, Tracey and Mike come sailing with us again, but having been delayed in Galaxidi far longer than planned we ran out of time before Tracey returned to the UK. But in the end that wasn’t an issue as my back started to play up again, and seriously so.

Long story short we ended up staying here for 3 weeks plus, a good portion of which I spent laying on my back. I finally went to see a local doctor. Not exactly cheap but he prescribed some painkillers and muscle relaxants which did the trick. We even went to see a physio although I’m not entirely sure that was really worth the effort. By the time I was fully mobile again there was little point in going anywhere before Marisa arrived.

However, our enforced stay here wasn’t entirely a waste of time. Firstly, we have got our Greek Residency. This will enable us to remain in Greece for longer than the 90 days likely to be allowed under Schengen Visa rules which are expected to start in January.

I also managed to finish my dingy ‘chaps’, what would have been a winter job. Now so the new tender has a nice new coat to help protect it from the UV and harbour walls. It is quite tricky getting small fenders to stay in place on a small tender and so I added Velcro straps to allow swimming noodles to be attached all around it when necessary. Not exactly pretty but they seem to be effective!

Just need to do a bit of tricky patterning to do away with the ‘bare bum’ look!
Inflatable dinghy with flotation aids …….

We have also not used the outboard much recently. Before my back started to act up I was rowing it a lot more than the old one. The oars fix to the hull better and rowing is far easier. But this means the outboard has been a bit neglected as I’ve not been able to pull-start it. When I could, it wouldn’t! The fuel in the carburetor had evapourated and it was just dirty. After taking it apart and giving it a good dousing in Carb Cleaner it works again!

So now as September starts we are looking forward to Marisa’s arrival. She’ll be here on Saturday, 5 September. So, starting on Sunday morning we are planning to make our way to Vathy on Ithaca before returning to Sami. We’ll hire a car from Sami to take her back to the airport. Then on the way back we’ll do a big shop in Lidl’s on the way back.