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Charlie and Ana return

As Marisa returned home, Charlie and Ana came out to Cephalonia with Valeria.  Last time they visited us we stayed in Alghero for a week but this time we planed to do some travelling.

Morning coffee in Argostoli.
Charlie not working

On Monday, the 17th, I collected Valeria, Ana and Charlie from the airport in the hire car and we all went out for a celebratory ‘saganaki’.  I took Marisa to the airport on Tuesday and it was a bit sad to leave her in the herd of Thomas Cook passengers filling the airport building before I had to return the car.    I went back to the boat, collected Valeria, Charlie and Ana, dropped the car off in Lassi and we spent the rest of the day on the beach by a small beach bar lazing under beach umbrellas.

Charlie not even thinking about work!!
Keith and Tracey

On Thursday we invited Keith and Tracey to join us for a day out and we went round to what I have christened Ivan’s Bay for a BBQ.  The chart now shows Ivan’s Bay to be called Ormos Kounopetra.  We stayed at anchor for the afternoon and then sailed back under the Cruising Chute in the afternoon breeze.

On Friday we left Argostoli headed for Sami.  This would put us 8 hours closer to Lefkas but took Charlie and Ana 30 km further from the airport. Keith stepped in and offered them a ride from Sami to catch their plane so a plan developed.

Charlie taking charge of the anchor
Sparthia at sunrise
“Charlie is happy”

Rather than heading directly for Sami we decided to stop and anchor for the night off Sparthia again; the weather was calm and settled setting off for Sami on Saturday morning.  There was no wind but Charlie was quite happy raising the anchor, under supervision of course, and then ‘driving’ us off towards Sami.  By mid morning Charlie announced “Charlie is happy” from the helm station, which for Valeria and I was the best compliment!

Sami beach

We arrived in Sami by 1 pm before the afternoon rush.   After a couple of rather fraught attempts to anchor and tie back to the wall we made it and Charlie and Ana went off to explore as we got settled.     We then had 2 and a half days in Sami to round off their week with us, dining out, exploring, wandering along the beaches, swimming, enjoying some snacks and beer to keep us going.

Charlie’s new office ….

The lake where the water from the Melansani Caves surfaces.

But then, suddenly, it was 5 pm on Monday and Keith arrived.   Charlie and Ana treated us all to a farewell dinner before it was time for them to leave for the airport.  And so another great week came to an end.

It was a fantastic week, the third in a row.  It was good to finally host Keith and Tracey to a day out, and it was great to have Charlie and Ana spend a whole week with us.

It has taken a while for them to find time as apparently running a couple of companies and rebuilding a house is very time-consuming!  But they made it and we are so happy they did.    The time just flew by and we will miss them as we set off towards Lefkas.