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Skala Patmos

We arrived off Skala Patmos, the main town and port for Patmos at about 3 pm on Thursday 14 June, at the head of a flock of other yachts all bound for the Town Quay.  At Valeria’s urging we increased speed a bit and found ourselves a spot before the rush hour proper set in.

The town of Skala was pleasant enough.  It is a destination for some very large yachts and a huge number of Turkish boats, all very shiny and expensive, and so the prices tended to be a bit high.   The water front restaurants were pricey and the side streets had lots of boutique type shops and wine bars   Having said that Valeria found us a great little fish taverna a short walk back from the sea front.

The town itself is pleasant enough and it was enjoyable wandering around the streets browsing, but our main reason for staying here was to visit the Chora and the Monastery of St John the Theologian, one of the original Disciples. But that is a post of its own.