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Return to Faro.

With Valeria unable to leave the UK due to out building project, but our need to move Windependent into the Med, I returned to Faro with Mauro and John Margesson on the 26th January. Coincidentally, Michael and Iva were returning on the same flight and the photo of the Faro moorings is curtosy of Iva; Windependent isin the centre of the shot.

2016-01-26 App to Faro 2
Faro from the air

We arrived back on board in the afternoon and went shopping, had dinner ashore and then an early night,n the 26th and immediately went shopping. I had emptied the fridge when I left, but left it on; now I know the solar panels alone won’t support the fridge, so we’ll need to run the generator on longer passages. Good to know.  We had dinner ashore then an early night.

This morning I went to finish our shopping, bottled water and toilet paper while John and Mauro visited the old town. I also borrowed Michael’s water cans and we took on 180 litres of fresh water; can’t run the water maker here as the water is not clean enough. So now all we are waiting for is three small pins I need to complete the modification to the bowsprit. Even though they were ordered last week, they won’t be here till tomorrow ….. So our departure may be delayed ……