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Living the dream

Although sometimes it doesn’t seem that way. There is no way anyone should be able to start a conversation with the words “the last time I was struck by lightening…” That should simply never happen.

In addition to the damage, covered by our insurance except the two lots of Policy Excess, we have lost our watermaker, our washing machine and our trusty tender is on its way out. And that is not to mention the additional costs involved in having to winter in Gouvia and have our maintenance done there. All in all 2019 was not our best year and has left me a little demoralised.

On the plus side we made the most of our rather shortened season visiting Croatia and Montenegro, hosting lots of old friends and making some new ones.

But as November rolled towards December Gouvia started closing down for Christmas and the work rate amongst the contractors slowed progressively, coming to a halt just before I left. There was always one more part to be ordered, when the guys hadn’t called in sick and by the end of November I wasn’t there to keep chasing them.

Apart from the repairs there is the routine maintenance to undertake. This year I need a full engine service, the hulls cleaned and new anti fouling applied. I also needs some work done to the ‘through hull’ fittings for the echo sounder, a new inlet for the watermaker. At the other end of the boat I need some repairs at the mast head. Then the liferaft and the outboard need servicing. These were all arranged with a Corfu Boat Services who are going to deal with the work while we’re away. The watermaker itself is a ‘challenge’ for next year!

On the plus side, not being in Preveza meant I was unable to get the rather expensive Coppercoat antifouling done, so, as my old solar panels were being replaced I added 3 new ones to double our capacity. This should mean we can actually charge our brand new batteries up when the sun is shining rather than just keep the charge level.

So we have left the boat in Gouvia, with fingers crossed that all the planned maintenance will be done in January as planned, while we are spending Chrismas and the New Year in Brasil, hoping that 2020 will bring a return to carefree cruising, probably back in the Aegean.