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Malaga to Garrucha

Tom and Monica set off for home by 8 on Monday morning, the 22nd.   Prior to his leaving Tom helped me re organise our ropes ready for our departure.   I had Windependent trussed up like a turkey while we were staying here, but to leave I needed ‘slip ropes’ all round; this means having both ends of the ropes on board so you can let go from on deck rather than from the pontoon.  With our farewells said Valeria and I began preparing for sea and by 10 we slipped our mooring and waved good bye to Malaga.   

Our plan was to do a 24 hour passage to Garrucha, rest for a day then push on to Altea for the Water-maker to be looked at and then head on for Valencia at the weekend. 

The weather was calm to start with as we set off along the coast running on just one engine and soon the wind picked up sufficiently to make it worthwhile putting the sails up to help the engine.    That lasted for about an hour when the wind died off and I dropped the sails.   Gradually the wind picked up again but from directly astern and there was little point in gybing back and forth along the coast line so we settled down for a noisy night.   I caught some sleep in the evening and then was awake most of the night when Valeria finally managed to sleep. One engine wasn’t giving us the speed we needed as we seemed to run into a current along the coast and so I ended up on both again.   Even when the current changed and we were making 7 plus knots I left them both on just to make up time.   It was surprisingly chilly and the wind spent the entire night going around the compass until at first light it was virtually calm as we motored up to Garrucha.

As soon as the sun was up the temperature rose and that Saharan sand I mentioned earlier has covered the boat in a fine red powder which gets everywhere; it is going to be fun cleaning that off!

We got into Garrucha by 10 on the 23rd, finding a brand new and virtually empty marina.   We were all tied up and booked in by 10.30, had breakfast of tortilla and beer and then Valeria went to bed while I caught up on the blog and wrote up the Rough Log into the fair one.  I then went to bed too.

That afternoon we went ashore and found a hard ware store which sold Camping Gas !!!! Yay !!  We stopped in at Mercadona and then went back to Windependent for a delicious prawn and chorizo pasta.