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Sailing to Malaga

We had to spend the following morning, the 4th, in Fuengirola waiting for parts although needing to be in Malaga that evening I planned to leave by 4 pm at the latest, with or without the parts.   It is only 30 miles or so to Malaga and as this is a warranty job they can follow me.   The parts hadn’t arrived by 2 pm, siesta time, and so nothing would happen until after 4 pm, if then, so we slipped at 2 pm and set off for Malaga.

It was windy!   15 to 20 knots and although it made getting off the pontoon a bit of a challenge and there were decent sized breakers outside the harbour as soon as we were away we raised the sails and shut down the engines.   The wind was from the east which meant we had to sail directly out to sea, and slightly away from Malaga for 45 minutes before we could tack and head north east along the coast to our destination.    The sea was quite lumpy and confused and made the passage less than comfortable but we were sailing!.  

The wind was gusting to 20 knots which dictates we take the first reef in the Main Sail but we were still making about 5 knots ‘close hauled’, sailing as close to the wind as we could.   As we passed Benelmadena the wind started dropping so we took the reef out of the main sail and continued on towards Malaga, arriving at 6.30.

Malaga Marina entrance
Malaga Marina entrance

The entry to the Real Club Mediterraneo is behind a substantial harbour wall and is protected from the sea swells but is very close to the very rocky shore.

It was almost dark by the time we got into the marina and were directed to the first available berth they had which had an enormous post in the middle of it, meaning I couldn’t go in stern first because of Windy on the davits and could only fit half the boat in forwards.   The finger pontoons are about 7 metres long but as we couldn’t use the last 2 meters of them it was very difficult to secure the stern and prevent it from waving around in the breeze.   That wind we had enjoyed on the way along the coast gave us a very uncomfortable night on the half of the berth we could use.

But with Windependent secured we went in search of dinner and with the marina bar closed we found the Real Club Mediteraneo Yacht Club bar and restaurant right at the foot of the light house.