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Monte Verde, Minas Gerais

Our last trip before returning to the UK was to Monte Verde in the Mantiqueira mountains as guests of Roberto and Rose again. They have a chalet in Monte Verde just over 200 km from São Paulo and invited us to spend the Carnival Weekend there with them.

Monte Verde is an area of unspoilt beauty and as with many such areas it has been ‘discovered’ by tourists. Outside town, and even in the outskirts the roads are little more than dirt tracks, a 4×4 is pretty much essential, and the tourist industry is heavily based upon guided tours of the ‘trails’ by Land Rovers or horse back.

The trails in places double as river beds as it has been raining for most of the week before we arrived; the news is all of floods in São Paulo, Rio and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, at about 1500 metres above sea level we were pretty much at the cloud base for most of the weekend!

Having said that, their chalet is deep in the hills above town and the views across the valley are fantastic, even with the rain; in sun shine they would have been awesome. The amount of water meant that we couldn’t go hiking but instead Rose and Roberto gave us a VIP guided tour of town, the art gallery, restaurants, Cachaça distillery and amazing scenery.

Cachaçaria Adega das Gerais

Cachaça is sugar cane alcohol and is produced in an Alambique. The word literally means still but is applied to the whole distillery. The cane is either crushed in the Alambique or the cachaça is brought in from surrounding areas to age in the barrels and vats.

Monte Verde Airport ….

The highest ‘airport’in Brasil at 1560 metres.

Views from the chalet

We spent wonderfully quiet, peaceful weekend in the mountains, soaking up the atmosphere, literally. Another great visit to another beautiful corner of Brasil with wonderful friends.