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Murter to Rogač

After almost 3 weeks languishing in Murter we started on our way back south. We need to be in Dubrovnik by 31 August when our friends Shahida and Abdullah fly out to visit us, then as soon as they go Paul and Chanon arrive.

The only fly in the ointment is we still have no watermaker. The long awaited spare part was delayed at customs and ‘might arrive next week’. We’ve asked for it to be sent on to the Sea Recovery agent in Dubrovnik as we’ll be there abouts until mid September so maybe, just maybe, we’ll get it sorted before we head for Montenegro!

We left Murter at 7.30 on Saturday morning and heaving up the anchor we found an old rusted ladder hooked around it. It was easy to remove with our ‘trip hook’; vital kit on every boat but from what we’ve observed rarer than hens teeth!!

Free at last we set off back to Rogač to spend Valeria’s birthday there, planning to have a meal in our favourite restaurant in Rogač, Restaurant Pasarella. On Monday we’ll continue south for an anchorage on the west end of the island of Korcula. On Tuesday we might visit Korcula Town at the eastern end of Korcula and aim to arrive in Dubrovnic on Wednesday.

But for a start, we reached Rogač at 4.30, took on some fuel and tied up to the quay and settled down for a well earned rest …. we’d forgotten what 8 hours at sea was like !!!!