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Putting down roots ….

You know you have been in a place too long when the hull is covered in growth and you have your own pet seagull who knows your meal times.

Although cleaned in Crotone it simply left the hull fresh and clear for new marine growth, and with so much time here we’d grown an impressive set of roots.

So with our enforced stay in Murter I bought a fresh supply of scrapers and set to cleaning it again. The scrapers are plastic so as not to damage the hull but they wear away when up against barnacles so I bought 4. The trick to cleaning the hull is to start at one end and swim the length of the hull in a series of ‘sweeps’. With scuba gear you can do that but with a mask and snorkel it isn’t that easy, especially cleaning the keels and rudders 1.5 m down. The water was also very murky, more so with freshly scraped sea weed and clouds of grey anti fouling so it’s difficult to see what you’ve cleaned.

And so, with the water maker part still working its way through customs and not expected until next week, maybe, we decided to set off for Dubrovnik on Saturday morning, the 23rd, and have the part sent down there; we’ll be around Dubrovnik until mid September so hopefully we’ll get it sorted by then.

So I bought 2 more 20 litre jerry cans, giving us 80 spare litres of water in addition to our 300 litre tank, and made 3 runs ashore to fill up the main tank and all 4 jerry cans. We went shopping and brought the tender back up all ready for our departure in the morning heading to Rogač for Valeria’s birthday.