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Murter, and the Watermaker

On Friday we left Sibenik to continue our way north, our next stop being the north end of the island of Murter where there are a selection of nice anchorages not in the National Park.

One of Sibenik’s claims to fame so to speak is that it is the gateway to the Korneti National Park. This is centred on the long island of Korneti off the coast north of Sibenik. Croatia has a lot of Parks, like Krka, all of which you need to pay to get into. The entry fee for a yacht is in addition to paying for mooring buoys, anchoring and marina or harbour dues. This is a fantastic source of income for the Croatians and Charter boats crammed with 8 or 10 people don’t notice the fees split between them. We do and so we were aiming to stay out of the Parks.

But then we encountered a problem; the watermaker stopped working, or more accurately wouldn’t start. So although we’d planned to find a nice pretty anchorage for the weekend we decided to go to the town of Murter and anchor in the harbour where I could have a look at the water maker and where we could fill up our pair of ’emergency spare’ 20 litre jerry cans. As a matter of course we fill these up when the watermaker has filled the tank, just in case ….

We anchored by 4pm and I had a look at the watermaker. In my considerable experience with machinery malfunctions on board I could safely say it was definately not working. Further more I was confident that the culprit was the ETD pump, the most expensive part of the system……

Consulting the manual didn’t help but it turned out that the big Hramina Marina charter base in Murter had a Sea Recovery Water Maker agent. I rang him and he arranged to visit us on Monday, we needed to go into the Marina but the berth was free if they were doing they repairs. So we spent the weekend anchored off Murter. Hey ho. At least we could go ashore in the tender if we wanted!!

So on Monday morning we went into the marina, and waited for the engineer who arrived, diagnosed the problem and went off to find a solution. He came back saying he couldn’t make a repair and we’d need either a new, or reconditioned, ETD, which would have to come from France. ETD stands for Energy Transfer Device and it is the heart of the system, obviously. He’d get back to us with prices.

It took two days but, to the guy’s credit, he’d also ‘phoned a friend’ and found an official fix for our problem, which he could do. We went back into the marina on Thursday morning, he removed the ETD, took it away, fixed it, refitted it and tested it. It cost us 4 hours labour and some parts totaling 1500 kuna, about £170. Expensive but far less so than the alternatives. Fingers crossed this will work now until the end of the year when we can get the whole system over hauled!

As we’d waited we’d been watching the weather and the forecasts for the coming weekend, the 27th and 28th, predicted 30 knot southerly winds, thunderstorms and rain. So we settled down for another weekend in Murter.