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Lakka again

This is our third visit to Lakka. The first was on the bus because the anchorage was so full we couldn’t get in. The second time was in 2018 when we made for Lakka direct from Roccella in May, but it was still busy even then.

Our third visit was idyllic for us. There were perhaps 10 boats dotted around the bay at one point but that dropped off to 5. The bay and village are beautiful and so are very popular, especially with charter fleets. At the back of our minds as we enjoyed the peace and quiet of our idyllic visit was sympathy for the islanders who depend on the tourists for their livelihood. So we spent a few days enjoying Lakka as it will never be seen again.

Although it took a few days but we managed to track down Adonis, the man who runs the Olive Oil ‘refinery’, and stocked up on 10 litres of the famous Paxos Olive Oil.

The pictures tell the story, but even they can’t do the place justice!

(Unfortunately the Gallery layout I was using has not been working so these are the photos all together)

Beautiful, quiet Lakka .