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Modern Recife

Modern Recife is a typical mixture of haves and have nots. South of ‘old’ Recife, between the airport and the coast is Boa Viagem, the land of modern skyscrapers, apartment and office blocks. But just a few streets back from the coast the less salubrious ‘down town’ sprawl of Brasil’s fourth largest city starts.

The beach front area of Boa Viagem is a promenade of about 7 km which is used as a running track and provides a pleasant setting for an evening stroll.

On our last night in Recife we were treated to a pretty spectacular moon rise.

Staying with Helio and Marina gave us the fantastic opportunity to explore Recife, old and new, Olinda and the wonderful beaches. We are really grateful to them for putting us up and showing us around and all their advise on what to do and where to go.