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Three days, three beaches

We spent our weekend in Recife with a guided tour of the beaches along the coast. In the order of my personal favourites we visited Piedade, in Recife, Porto de Galinhas and Praia dos Carneiros.

Piedade, Recife

Just a short distance from Helio and Marina’s apartment with a convenient beach bar. A really cool place for an afternoon!

Porto de Galinhas

Sixty kilometres south of Recife, Porto de Galinhas is a holiday destination, complete with shops and restaurants. It is famed for its reef pools but these only uncover at low tide and for our whole visit the low tides were first thing in the morning and after sun set so we missed them. I’d been hoping to see some of the local jangadas, very basic sailing skiffs, and wasn’t disappointed.

Praia dos Carneiros

Almost 100 km south of Recife this area used to be entirely coconut plantations but as tourists discovered the beaches the whole area supports numerous beach bars, restaurants and Pousadas. The difference here is that these are tastefully done, the umbrellas and sun loungers don’t spill onto the actual beach so you can take in the views while enjoying lunch and a few beers, and then walk along relatively uncrowded beaches, whilst dodging the horse drawn Ubers!

You need to pick your spot carefully though, avoiding tourist buses and ridiculous entry prices. All charge for entry although some want R$ 20 per person while others ask R$ 20 per car!

Although in my personal favourite order all three were great, Piedade was the most convenient, Galinhas the most colourful and Carneiros the prettiest. And our gratitude to Helio and Marina for sharing them with us!