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Pink Penguin

Leaving Cavtat on the previous Friday, 6 September, we had seen an Austrian yacht on No Foreign Land call Pink Penguin and suddenly they arrived in the Marina here. Unfortunately this was no ‘ships in the night’ coincidence; they’d been struck by lightening on the day after we left Cavtat and had limped into the river for repairs.

This was also Paul and Chanon’s last few days with us and they decided to spend one of the better days in Dubrovnik again doing a City Tour. So Valeria, who’d found a FB entry from Pink Penguin on the Med Sailing group about their troubles, and I went over to commiserate and introduce ourselves to Barbara and Wolfgang.

When Paul and Chanon returned the four of us went out for a meal on Sunday evening and on Monday we all took a walk up the Dubrovačka River to a small bar, the Bistro Izvor, recommended to us by other friends, Marco and Heloise from Roccella. Apparently the building opposite was a spaghetti factory in the 60s and was heavily bombed in the 91/92 war.

So although ‘stuck at anchor’ for the last few days Paul and Chanon did get a full taste of the cruising lifestyle, new anchorages, new places to visit and new friends to meet.

On Tuesday morning, the 10th, it was time to take Paul, Chnon and Valeria ashore for the trip to the airport. Valeria had bought her flights weeks before going back to the UK from Murter and so figured she might as well use them …… leaving me to my own devices again.

Happily Barbara and Wolfgang are great company, and whle Valeria was away I spent almost every evening with them dining out, dining in or just chatting over drinks. They are a really nice engaging couple and really good fun.

As their lightening problems have effectively cancelled the rest of their season, I did manage to sing the praises of Roccella to them. Their plan had been to winter in Montfalcone for some refit work, but now plan to have that done while their repairs are completed in here in the Dubrovačka River then go to Roccella for the winter. Hopefully they’ll enjoy Roccella as much as we have.

Although we’re off to Greece for the winter and they’re going to Italy, we hope we’ll catch up with Pink Penguin again next year.