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Some views of Roccella

Roccella is a quiet, unassuming little town which comes alive in the summer. The beach bars all get a make over and veritable forests of sun umbrellas and tables sprout along the beaches.

The Marina is quieter without the liveaboards but the holiday crowds begin to build at the start of June and the Pizzaria here becomes positively lively, sometimes maybe 100 people spread all along the quayside!!!

The town holds a celebration over the 2nd weekend in May for its patron Saint, San Vittorio martire. They have concerts in the main square Piazza San Vittorio with a local band providing the entertainment. Five of us went one evening and swelled the audience by possibly 25%!

There has been a lot of reconstruction on the seafront and the promenade close to the Piazza San Vittorio is completely new for the summer!

As our time here comes to an end we have decided we will miss Roccella. It is quiet and unassuming, out of the way, even isolated but it has a charm which slowly grows on you.

Although we have been here far longer than planned that hasn’t been a chore.