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Rogač to Korcula

We were up bright and early on Monday to continue our journey south to Dubrovnik. Next stop is the island of Korcula. We stopped briefly in the anchorage of Tri Luka on the south west coast of Korcula on our way north so we plan to actually ‘visit’the island on our way south.

First stop for Monday night was a small bay on the west end of Korcula island called Uvala Gradina close to Vela Luka, the town at the west end of the island. The Pilotage information we had said this was an anchorage but the authorities have put down lots of mooring buoys and charge 200kn per night for their use. It was a pleasant enough overnight stop.

On Tuesday we were off fairly early again heading for the town of Korcula on the eastern end of the island some 25 miles away. Our route was along the north coast of Korcula and through the channel between Korcula and the Gojak peninsula. Amazing scenery.

Again, based on Pilotage advice we headed for the Korcula Town Quay but on arrival were sent away; we were no where big enough or shiny enough to be allowed onto what is now very definitely super yacht territory! Plan B was Uvala Luka, the bay to the east of Korcula.

We found ourselves a spot and planned to go ashore in the tender and take a 15 minute walk into Korcula. We didn’t leave until late afternoon as the hordes of charter boats descended. It’s only a small bay and they still managed to cram over 50 yachts in over night. The Port Authority then come round and charged 200 kuna for a stay overnight! If anywhere would benefit from mooring buoys it is here. Anyway when the crowd close to use was sufficiently thick to prevent even the worst charterer from cramming in we went ashore and walked into town.

Korcula is another quaint, but heavily built Venetian fortified town with sections of the old wall still standing. It is pleasant to wander around the streets and alleys but the town is, unsurprisingly, little different to Trogir, Split, Zadar … the Venetians built to last!

We spent the early evening wandering around soaking up the atmosphere and grabbed a light dinner on the way back to the boat. The challenge then was finding a route through the anchored yachts for the tender. Only a mild exaggeration!