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Bayonne to Bilbao

Our next leg was a 70 mile passage almost due west across the Gulf of Cap Breton to Getxo, the port for Bilbao.  With light winds from the east we would never make it under sail and so we motored again, an almost uneventful 10 hours of beautiful weather, cloudless skies and calm seas!  Finally, after night passages, rough seas and lightening storms, an almost perfect day at sea sunbathing and relaxing.

The only event was a visit from our first ever dolphin at about lunch time.   It came in from the starboard side like a torpedo and spent a few moments playing in our bow waves.  Unfortunately by the time Valeria got to the foredeck the dolphin had gone as fast as it arrived.   Even the fabulous BOGOF deal a catamaran offers didn’t entice it to stay longer.

We arrived at Getxo at 7.30 that evening and having booked in with the Capitania we spent the night on the Visitor’s pontoon, moving  the following morning to the end of D Pontoon where Windependent will stay for August.     All the dealings with the Capitania  were made far easier by Valeria’s fluent Spanish!

The rest of the following day was spent shopping, a visit to the Chandlers of course, and a test of the new Laundry.

When discussing fitting the  washing machine and drier with the young lady from Yacht Concepts I had varied the plan slightly, doing away with the top ladder from deck down to the first flat; it is only about three feet and the ladder would have got in the way.  “But will your wife be able to get down there?” she asked.   I simply looked at her. “Ah!” she said, nodding, striking out the top ladder.

LaundrymanA laundry is a bit of a luxury, but it is worth the cost.  Although there is a washing machine in this marina, there is  no drier, and so we’d have had to drag all our wet washing back to the boat and try to dry it on board, load by load …. and it began to rain in the afternoon!   In more isolated locations or less well equipped marinas these machines will be indispensable.   And as you can see above I am quite happy in my little laundry and you will note the appropriate choice of washing powder!!

And that was the end of the second leg of our journey.   We returned home on the 4th and are planning to return on the 26th to spend a couple of days visiting Bilbao before preparing for the move round to Porto.