The Brackenburys return, with Tia Isa

Zilda, Elliot and Sophie were our final visitors of the year; appropriate seeing as they were our first visitors as well. This time Isabel came along too.

Although the weather wasn’t all that good we had a couple of nice sunny days and others marred by rain. By the end of their week the rain had set in properly and didn’t let up for days following.

The kids had fun in the playground in the Marina and we drove up to Kalami beach again for an afternoon. This time it was virtually deserted with the entire village completely closed for the winter. Sophie and Elliot went swimming and got very excited when they found fish!

Sophie, Elliot and Zilda

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But as the time came for their return home the weather began to change. The rain started in earnest on Saturday afternoon but we still made it to Zorba’s for our farewell meal.

But that wasn’t the end of the holiday. When I said the rain started in earnest I wasn’t joking. More Brazilian and Biblical but it did rain, and rain and rain. I took them to the airport on Sunday morning and waved them off but come 3pm they were still there. The pilot of their flight had abandoned his landing because of the weather! That meant a night in an hotel and the morning waiting to go back to the airport. Happily the weather let up a bit and they managed to get away on Monday afternoon instead.

Despite the weather we had a really good time. The kids enjoyed the playgrounds and beaches and Zilda and I enjoyed watching Valeria and Isabel ‘discussing’ the rules of Canasta …… over a few glasses of wine. Good friends, good times.

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