VHF aerial

The Lightening Saga – a Loss Adjuster Visits.

Today, Thursday 17th, we had the Insurance Loss Adjuster come to visit us. This was the same guy who dealt with our previous claim not 7 months ago. He told us this was the first time he’d dealt with a second lightening strike on a boat!

This time we took a direct hit to the VHF aerial rather than an indirect hit through the hull. All the brand new Navigation equipment was completely dead, along with damage to our Solar Panels and Charger, Battery Monitors, domestic batteries, the electronic controls for the generator, our bilge pumps and the TV.

VHF aerial after lightening strike

Strangely, although the entire voltage surge of the lightening strike had gone through the VHF antenna and destroyed it the VHF radio itself on the other end of the wire was apparently operational.

VHF aerial

So, after some discussions over what needs replacing we now have to wait for the insurers to authorise the repairs to the tune of just under €35000. Ouch.

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