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The Lightening Saga – The Repairs begin

With our final guests gone our attentions turned back to our repairs. The insurers paid the contractors and they have started to order the parts they don’t have. Unfortunately, these guys won’t lift a finger until they have all the money.

First up on Wednesday, 6 November, were the guys to replace our 12 volt power; new batteries, new solar panels and associated monitors, regulators and controls.

The first hiccup appeared though. The 240v / 12v switchboard is a tailor made item and will need to be built from scratch – delivery time of 6 weeks. We can move without it but this will drag our repairs out into next year, possibly meaning a return visit here in the new year unless it can be fitted in Preveza.

And today we only got three of our 5 batteries, three Battery Chargers and one part of the Master Volt system. The rest of the stuff is due for next week, which is when the other two contractors. are due to start work as well!

But, it is a start!

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