Some 13 miles further into the Gulf of Corinth from Navpaktos, just off the north coast, is the little island of Trizonia. It has a small, rather basic, marina and a sheltered bay in which to anchor. We have stopped over night there before but didn’t go ashore, so this time I wanted to have a bit of a look around.


The island is really tiny, vehicle free, and is a popular destination for day trippers from the main land. The village boasts a quaint harbour for fishing and trippers boats which is surrounded by restaurants, some guest houses and a church. Outside of the village there is very little other than scenic walks around the coast and a couple of beaches.

The Marina is quite large and is home to a large number of boats which haven’t moved in a while. That doesn’t appear to be Coronavirus related, more a result of the marina being another one that officialdom has forgotten and no one charges for staying! But it means that all the berths with laid moorings are occupied, those which are free require you to use your own anchor which is not generally a good idea when there are moorings on the harbour floor. You can tie up to the harbour walls but they are of rough concrete and as such are uninviting. That says it does get quite busy with passing yachts and motor boats. We decided to simply anchor in the bay and take the tender ashore.

I went for a walk and found a footpath along the north coast of the island and then later on we went back in for a light meal in one of the restaurants.

Trizonia is nice but other than walking all round the island on the coast path we had just about exhausted the island’s possibilities. So we set off for Galaxidi after one night, leaving on Sunday morning, the 26th.

A selection of photos of Trizonia

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