2015 Visitors

Our first visitor was Dona Ermida who came and supervised the hand over of the boat.  She was also with us at the Southampton Boat Show a couple of years earlier when Valeria convinced me that a catamaran was the style of boat we needed rather than the mono hull I’d always envisaged.

We were then joined by a series of friends and ex colleagues who helped us move the boat on our way to Faro; Mauro, Andy and Sarah on the leg from Bilbao to Porto, then Clive and Alex from Porto to Lisbon and  Filipa, Rafael and Cynthia  joined us from Lisbon to Sines.


Dona Ermida. Sables d’Olonne – 11 Jun to 15 Jun 2015


Mauro Giroldo, Andy Barker and Sarah Shelton. Bilbao to Porto – 31 Aug to 4 Sep 2015


Alex Hewitt and Clive Austin.   Porto to Lisbon – 7 Sep to 11 Sep 2015

Rafael, Filipa, Cynthia, Chris and Valeria
Rafael, Filipa, Cynthia, Chris and Valeria

Rafael Ribeiro, Filipa Silva and Cynthia Grainger.   Lisbon to Sines – 10 Oct to 4 Oct 2015

Sailing south ….

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